This morning, waking up, looking out the window- rain! cold! 8°! What do you wear?? My simple “early-autumn uniform”, so perfect before, now threatens to cause you hypothermia. And last year’s sweaters just feel so… last year.
Fear not, fashion faithfuls, the Gloss has the answer to your prayers!

The mailman has come with plenty of new merchandise to help keep you looking fresh while avoiding that frozen feeling.

So bundle up in the remains of last year’s sales and come down to the Gloss for your new winter wardrobe. Because this sudden cold is no excuse to look like a hot mess.

From Paris with love: Surface to Air


Swedish design, this time from Goteborg: Velour


Samsoe & Samsoe


Specialized in Pea Coats, from Boston (USA): Fidelity Pea Coats


Established in Masasachusetts in 1975, available in The Gloss since 2008: Penfield


And of course: Cheap Monday