…to paaaaaaarty

Highly limited pre-release at 20 retailers Worldwide

Encinitas, CA- Rumors have been circulating for months and now, Nixon is excited to officially announce a limited, pre-release of the Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P.

As lifelong lovers of everything skate, snow and surf, not to mention their influence in the world of style and hip hop, it seemed fitting for Nixon to join forces with MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D to create a unique interpretation The Time Teller P.

The Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P will be available in green, red, blue and white and comes in a maritime themed package, which is unlike anything the Nixon line has ever seen before. Each watch features an image of Mike D and is tagged with a special message from him on both the watchband and case.

The Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P pre-release is available now at 20 select retailers globally and yes The Gloss is the one in the german speaking countries. Things will get kicked off with the release of the white Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P followed by red, green and blue.

Each retailer involved in the pre-release will have only 10 or less watches in each colorway available for sale. A full release of the Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P will go on-sale with the release of The Beastie Boys’ forthcoming album, set for release in 2011. Until then, you can be one of the few to get your hands on this collection. But be fast…


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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Super Holy Special Christmas Discount of 20% on Sunday Shopping!

Sante Clause is coming to town.. you still don’t know what to give as present to your sweathearts… or you don’t know what to put on the wishlist for Christmas. We have some ideas!

Watch: Nixon Newton 199,00 CHF
Ring: Monica Mur 289,00 CHF
Baby Sneakers: Adidas Jeremy Scott 75,00 CHF
Headphones: Eskuche 99,00 CHF
Bag: Bag’N’Noun 139,00 CHF
Cap: Suit 39,00 CHF
Beanie: Neff 49,00 CHF
Scarf: König Walter 129,00 CHF
Beanie: König Walter 79,00 CHF
Rucksack: Freitag Hazzard 350,00 CHF
Labtop Sleeve: Incase Mac Book Sleeve 49,00 CHF
Wallet: Pok 69,00 CHF
Purse: Cheap Monday 29,00 CHF

During December we have two so-called Sunday Shopping days:

December 5th, 11 am to 6 pm
December 19th, 11 am to 6 pm

On this two Sundays we would like to give you a christmas present from our side: a Super Holy Special Christmas Discount of 20%!!!


N/N:”glaze” print series 2010

‘photoprint’ on acryl glass’
artwork by mirko noser
concept by darius notz
a limited edtition print series of 5
100 pcs per item, signed & numbered, each chf 390.-