Once the day starts rolling, there is usually no stopping. And while we agree that for everyday utensils, function comes before fashion, here’s a way to put individuality into your reality and show fellow racers your tailpipe. After all, if you’re not in it to win it, don’t bother to spin it.

The new backpack F48 HAZZARD performs all the tricks of the trade. Trust it with your life: There is storage for your digital darlings (up to 17″). Trust it with your career: Carry it landscape-wise, with stowed away shoulder straps. Executive Summary: The F48 HAZZARD is square enough for business, without losing uniqueness.

Kinky Boots

(Boop boop, boop boop)

Her: Everybody’s going for those kinky boots, kinky boots,
(Boop boop)
Him: Kinky boots,
Him: It’s a manly kind of fashion that you borrowed from the brutes,
Her: Borrowed from the brutes,
(Boop boop)
Her: Kinky boots.
Her: Fashion magazines say wear ’em,
Him: And you rush to obey like the women in a harem.