Cheap Monday Corner now at the Gloss!!!

More than 5 years ago Mats from Stockholm, who over the years has become a friend, pulled two cheap looking jeans out of a jute bag, “Here we are, Cheap Monday”.

Anyway, it was the time when all the brands pushed high priced denim, with sale pitches like “Hey, did you know Brad Pitt is wearing Adrian Goldsmith jeans, so everybody pays incredible high prices for this jeans. Easy!” …

… And then, along came Cheap Monday, a small brand from Sweden, with a real punk attitude, visiting premium fashion stores, offering jeans a quarter of the price of big-name jeans flooding the denim market. Immediately we loved the concept, not because we believed in the success of the brand, but because this was real counter culture!

Now, this April 2010, exactly 5 years after we sold the first Cheap Monday Jeans, we created a dedicated Cheap Monday Corner at the Gloss in Zurich. There you can find over 60 different Cheap Monday Denim Pant, as well as Tees, Jackets, Sunglasses …everything very stylish and very cheap.